Benefit Of Installing Decorative Mirrors In Home

Decorative, simple and versatile, mirrors are great for instantly transforming any space. They are specially useful for opening up small spaces and increasing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which installing mirrors in a house can be beneficial:

• Add Space

A major advantage of using mirrors is that they can make any tight and small looking area instantly look more spacious and less cluttered. It creates a space illusion. Areas such as narrow hallways, small guest bedrooms, dining area etc. can be made to look larger by strategically placing mirrors. Try using a floor length mirror to add either a vertical or horizontal dimension to your room. While a vertical mirror will work best in a tight hallway, a horizontal one will do a great job in a dining area or conference room.

• More Light

Being mindful of where you place a mirror can add lots of extra light to any room. Placing it near a window will let in plenty of natural light and you can easily do away with artificial lighting during the day. At night, a mirror placed near a light source will reflect that light without additional fixtures and expense. Installing them in rooms with overhead lighting such as chandeliers creates a beautiful dazzling effect.

• Conceal

If there’s anything unsightly on your wall that you would like to conceal, a decorative mirror is your best bet. Place an interesting mirror on a scuff, bump or cavity that you would like to conceal and voila! You will love the instant transformation.

• Décor

Anything that reflects light is sure to get noticed first. This makes mirrors the perfect design statement for any room. Mirrors with sunburst frames, antique mirrors, convex mirrors, mirror panels, oversized or ornate framed ones are some of the best options to be considered for décor.

• Fake A Window

A large horizontal mirror can be used on a wall to fake a window in a room with a single window, no window or a small window. If placed on a wall across a window, it will reflect the natural light from out and give you a peek into the outdoors.

• Checking Your Appearance

For the self-conscious, this benefit is an added bonus. With mirrors around, you are sure to leave the house looking your best. Double check your appearance before leaving for work or important meetings.

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