Benefits Of Installing Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are trendy and one of the most preferred choices due to several advantages that they offer. They are the best options for home and business owners who are looking to cut down on their energy bills.

Make sure you choose the glass wisely keeping in mind your requirements. You can also customize the frames and casements of the windows as per your preferences.

What Are Double Pane Windows?

Double pane or dual pane windows have two glass panes fixed onto an individual frame. They are separated and have air filled in the gap, but more efficient ones have argon gas between the panes. Argon helps in lowering the heat transfer and improving insulation in the home. It ensures thermal efficiency in the home.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of double pane windows:

Ensures Energy Efficiency:

Double-pane windows keep the winter’s cold and summer’s heat outside. An additional window pane acts as a barrier that does not let the outer element influence the interiors. This can help to make your home energy efficient as the rooms take less time to heat up or cool down.

Helps In Reducing Noise:

The extra glass layer in a double pane window does not allow the exterior noise in the home. This feature makes them very effective and useful for the people who live or have offices near a busy street, airport, railway tracks etc.

Eliminates The Need Of Storm Windows:

Most of the homeowners have to install storm windows along with single pane windows for extra protection in winter or harsh weather conditions. With a double pane window, there is no need for extra protection as it can keep you insulated in all kinds of extreme temperatures.

Reduces Condensation

During winters, it is quite common to see water droplets on the windows. It happens due to the difference in temperature in the exterior and interior environment. As a result, the room can be remain cold. Installing double pane windows can help to reduce the moisture and prevent condensation.

Blocks The Harmful UV Rays

Ultra violet rays of the sun can have life threatening effects like damage to the eyes and skin. It can also lead to skin cancer. Double pane windows block these harmful radiations and thus provide protection against their harmful effects. They can also prevent damage to furniture, paintings, carpets, etc.

Enhances Security Level

Since a double glazed window are sealed tighter, it is difficult to break them. Some of these windows also have advanced multi-locking technology, thus adding security level in the house. This can help to avoid break-ins.

Cost Effective

The initial cost of installing double pane windows is a little more than that of single pane windows, but in long run, double pane windows save you a lot of money as they are energy efficient.

Improves The Property Value

If you ever plan to sell your home, having double glazed windows can be beneficial for you. They not only increases the appearance but also value of the home. Double pane windows can help you get a better deal on your home.

Easier To Clean

Double pane windows are easy to clean as the glass is one solid panel. A squeegee can be used to clear the pane and make it look new. Installing double pane windows is highly recommended by the glass industry professionals. The market is flooded with different styles and designs. Before selecting a suitable double pane window, it is important to take a note of your home or office’s architecture. If you want the windows to effectively work make sure to use a good quality material that has low thermal conductivity for window frames for e.g. vinyl frame (PVC) or a wooden frame.

You can even hire professional services for installing double pane windows. They will use quality materials and install the windows efficiently.

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