Custom Glass Decor Ideas For Homes

Custom glass décor can uplift the interiors of your home and make it look attractive. Glass is a functional and flexible material that can be used in different forms throughout the house. You can get customized pieces according to your preference and home style requirements. There are a wide variety of options ranging from glass shelves to colored glass, tabletops and French doors, the list is endless.

Nowadays, the customized glass products come equipped with an added feature known as Low-E or low-emissivity. This ensures that your expensive furniture is protected from damaging UV rays coming from the sunlight.

Below is a list of some interesting custom glass décor ideas for your home:

  • Glass Walls: Although a glass wall won’t offer the same level of privacy as a normal wall, it will serve other purposes. For instance, a glass wall is best for small homes with lots of rooms divided into different compartments. A glass wall can open up the small house and make it feel less congested. Also, a glass wall works best in an open-concept floor plan as it provides the feel of open space. Another added benefit of a glass wall is that it allows the entry of more light and can make your home look bright and airy.
  • Glass Accents: One of the easiest and less expensive ways of adding customized glass décor in your home is to have glass accent pieces. For instance, you can have simple mirrors on your walls and a few glass vases with fresh colorful flowers on tabletops. You can even consider adding a stained glass lamp for visual drama. Even a glass chandelier can be used if you have the space and budget.
  • Patio & French Doors: Go in for decorative glass with matching side window panes or double-pane windows with blinds to add glass in your home décor. You can take your pick from energy-efficient and all-weather glass for added durability. Patio and French doors in glass can not only keep your home insulated but also allow in more light. This is particularly beneficial in case you don’t have too many windows in your room.
  • Glass Furniture: Have customized glass furniture in your home in accordance with the interior designing. Keep it subtle so that the glass furniture looks pleasing to the eyes and does not blind other furniture items in the room. You can choose from a wide variety of glass furniture such as coffee tables, end tables and dining tables. You can also have glass shelves or cabinets with glass doors. Glass furniture can either be in contemporary style or antique style depending on what you like and the budget at hand.

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Stylish Options For Shower Enclosures

A shower enclosure is an important point of attraction in the bathroom. Therefore, always opt for a shower enclosure that enhances your bathroom and is in consonance with your style. With a huge variety of materials and styles available, it can be a bit confusing to decide which shower enclosure will look best in your bathroom.

Below is a list of certain stylish options for shower enclosures to choose from:

  • Frameless glass shower enclosure: These types of shower enclosures are popular because of their modern and sleek designing. Frameless enclosures give graceful and classy look to the bathroom. With very less maintenance, you can definitely show off your bathroom with this shower enclosure.
  • Tub enclosure: You can have fun options in shower enclosures even if you have a tub. Use tempered hinged glass that is durable and does not get damaged. You can even opt for frosted look on the tempered glass or have a combination of frosted and clear glass. This will not only lend some privacy but also look creative and stylish.
  • Aluminum glass shower enclosure: Glass panels set in aluminum frames are a unique option when it comes to choosing glass shower enclosures. The combination of metal and glass provides the shower enclosure with a varied appeal. You have the freedom to go in for a shower enclosure that has glass fitted in a single frame or multiple small frames to match the look of tiles in your bathroom.
  • Sliding enclosure: If you are short on space and cannot have a swinging door in your shower enclosure, choose the stylish sliding enclosure. Sliding doors are flexible and can be easily adjusted according to the space at hand. You can comfortably display your shower while still having ample space for other bathroom fixtures and accessories. A frameless sliding door is a good option for those looking for a sliding door within their budget.
  • Textured glass enclosure: These will lend just the perfect amount of privacy and style to your beautiful bathroom. The beautiful textures on the glass provide the effect of a spa when water falls on them. Not only this, your bathroom will also appear more spacious than it actually is.
  • Glass block shower enclosure: If you don’t want to have a door, it is best to opt for a glass block shower enclosure. With textured patterns on the blocks, a glass block shower enclosure looks very attractive. Glass block surrounds are versatile and lend a neat and clean look to your bathroom. You can choose from a variety of block styles and colors available in the market.

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Why Install Double Pane Windows

In simple terms, double pane windows have two panes of glass welded into a frame parallel to each other. The panes are then set into a frame just like normal windows. Double-pane windows are beneficial as they add to a home’s value and save energy as well as money.

Below is a list of certain benefits of installing double pane windows:

  • Superior insulation: Double pane windows offer superior insulation to home by keeping it warm during winters and cool in the hot summer season. Proper insulation is directly equivalent to high energy efficiency that also results in lowering of electricity bills. Your heating and cooling systems do not have to work very hard, which is an added benefit.
  • Helps in saving money: Since double pane windows are highly energy-efficient, they can reduce energy usage to a great extent. You have the options of installing clear glass, double-pane vinyl or wood-framed windows and see a drop in your electricity bills.
  • Keeps away outside noise: Double pane windows can add to your privacy by keeping away outside noise. Since there is an extra layer of glass in the window, you cannot hear any sounds coming from outside. This helps in promoting a comfortable ambience inside your home.
  • Less window condensation: Single pane windows cause inefficient transfer of heat in your home because of the heavy condensation that occurs during the cold winter months. By installing double pane windows in your home, you will notice minimal window condensation. This assists in maintaining a constant temperature inside the home.
  • Benefits the environment: Apart from providing the benefit of saving money, double pane windows also safeguard our environment. You burn less fossil fuel and also create less greenhouse gas emissions. This is a good thing for our planet that can be of great help in the coming years.
  • Better wind resistance: During the winter months, cold winds can enter inside your home causing the temperatures to drop further. However, installing double pane windows can help you get rid of this problem as they offer much better wind resistance as compared to the other types of panes.
  • Less chances of getting damaged: The double pane windows are solid as they are made by joining two panes of glass. Therefore, there is a lesser chance that external factors such as a heavy windstorm or a flying object damage them.

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