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Tips To Find The Right Glass Patio Door

Nowadays, there are a huge variety of glass patio doors available in the market. According to the interiors of your home and budget on hand, you can choose from distinctive styles available in this category. You can opt for a sliding glass patio door, a hinged one or even a folding door depending on your taste.

Below is a list of certain tips that can guide you in finding the right glass patio door:

  • Sliding glass doors: Two-framed glass panels slide past each other in this type of patio door. Available in multitude styles, these types of patio doors lend a contemporary and modern look to any home. One of the major advantages associated with these types of doors is that they provide a wide opening to the patio.
  • French doors: These types of doors are basically divided into two broad categories. These are: in-swing and out-swing. Since you will require floor space for the in-swing door, you need to consider the space at hand before opting for one. You will also have to suitably place your furniture according to the space your French patio door will take up. On the other hand, out-swing doors do not affect furniture placement but are more suitable for places where screening isn’t mandatory.
  • French slider: This is a variation of the sliding glass door and it combines the positive aspects of a sliding door with the look and appeal of a French door. This door has four panels with the outer panels fixed in place and the two inner panels being operative. This creates the look of a hinged door when you close the door. Also, these doors have an opening that can be wider than a normal sliding door.
  • Folding glass doors: One of the main benefits of folding glass patio doors is that they provide a large opening. The folding glass doors can be set up in a way that one of the panels is hinged. This eventually means you don’t have to open the door completely while coming in or going out. This door can act like a standard door and eliminate the distinction between the interior and exterior of a room.
  • Cost: This is an important factor when it comes to selecting the right glass patio door. As far as the French doors are concerned, their cost depends on the material, type of glass used, finishing and hardware etc. However, you will have to shell out a minimum of $1000 for a patio door in this category. On the other hand, a sliding glass patio door will cost less as compared to French doors. This is because it has lesser machinery and mechanism involved, so you can buy it for approximately $500.

Shower Enclosures Buyers Guide

There are myriad choices when it comes to choosing a stylish and suitable shower enclosures for your bathroom. You can take your pick from large walk-in enclosures or quadrant shower enclosures. Depending on the design of your bathroom and the space available, it is important to select the right shower enclosure. Below is guide for buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom:

  • The amount of space in your bathroom: Before deciding on a particular shower enclosure for your bathroom, you need to consider if you are going to have it in the main bathroom or a separate shower room. You also need to be clear about the type of shower enclosure you want depending on what can easily fit in the space available in your bathroom. You can have a shower enclosure even in a small bathroom after accurately measuring the height and width.
  • Know your budget: There are a variety of shower enclosures available in the market nowadays. There is something suitable for every pocket and style. But you need to ensure that you buy the best quality shower enclosure for your bathroom. Carry out research about a particular brand and read the customer reviews online before finalizing a particular shower enclosure.
  • Types of shower enclosures: Some of the most common types of shower enclosures include: recessed shower enclosure, quadrant shower enclosure, offset quadrant shower enclosure, walk-in showers and corner shower enclosures. While a recessed shower enclosure requires only a door and is space-saving, the walk-in showers can be installed if you want to make a style statement. The quadrant shower enclosure also offers a great space-saving solution.
  • Type of glass: There are different options available in the type of glass that can be used for a shower enclosure. The glass needs to be of high quality so as to ensure a longer shelf life. Aim to buy at least 8mm or 10 mm tempered glass as it is highly durable and long-lasting. If you want to have a thicker glass for your shower enclosure, keep in mind that it will need more support because of its extra weight. For those who have a low budget, it is best to opt for a glass of 4mm or 6mm thickness.
  • Selecting the shower door: When it comes to choosing the shower door, you can take your pick from a pivot shower door, sliding shower door or bifold shower door. The pivot shower doors open outwards from the shower enclosure and thereby help in saving space in the showering area. On the other hand, sliding shower doors work best by saving the internal as well as external space. The bifold shower doors open inside the showering area with a folding mechanism. They can be easily maneuvered and help in saving the external bathroom space.

Benefits Of Glass Shower Enclosures

When you want to revamp the look of your bathroom but do not want to carry out a complete renovation, shower enclosures can be the perfect addition. No matter you have a contemporary or traditional style bathroom, these glass doors will look impeccable and enhance the overall appearance.

Listed below are some of the benefits of installing a glass shower enclosure:

  • Easy To Clean: One of the biggest benefits of glass shower enclosures is that they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. You just need to wipe them with a sponge to remove all the grime and dirt. Shower curtains, on the other hand, are a breeding ground for mold and mildew as well as need to be professionally cleaned at frequent intervals. Glass shower enclosures are resistant to dirt build-up and retain the same appearance for many years.
  • Myriad Options To Customize: The reason why many people in temple, TX are opting for glass shower enclosures is that they can be easily customized. You have different options in the type of glass and framed. You can even select from folding, pivoting or sliding doors for the glass shower enclosure.
  • High Durability: Besides being elegant and stylish, glass shower enclosures are also made to last a lifetime. The glass used in these doors generally ranges from medium to high thickness. Depending upon the type of glass shower enclosure you choose, there may be little or no metal used in the frame, which makes them resistant to rust.
  • Enhances Lighting: Glass shower enclosures increase the lighting in your bathroom. Due to the transparency offered by these doors, you can get the most out of the natural light entering your bathroom through the window. Even if you install a frosted glass, it will give the illusion of a brighter bathroom.
  • Gives A Spacious Look To The Bathroom: If you want to give a spacious look to your bathroom, glass shower enclosures can serve the purpose. The space inside and outside the shower will seem to be more open as well as capacious. It will also highlight the tiled walls and modern fixtures installed inside the shower space.

If you are looking for high quality glass shower enclosures in Temple, TX, consider Triple Glass Crown & Mirror. We offer a wide range of options including clear, frosted, rain themed patters and many other shower enclosures. For more information, feel free to call us at (254) 931 – 7961.

Choosing The Perfect Glass Shower Door In Temple, TX

If you are planning to remodel or upgrade your bathroom, installing a glass shower door can be a good option.  It can not only make the bathroom look spacious but also improve its visual appeal. However, you need to analyze your requirements and research thoroughly to make a well informed decision regarding the purchase of glass shower doors.

Here are a few factors which should be kept in mind before choosing a glass shower door for your bathroom:

  • Budget: It is important to have a clear idea about the budget before starting your search. This can help you narrow down your choices and save time.
  • Functionality: You should know the purpose of installing the glass shower door. Location of the bathtub and material of the walls are some important parameters which should be considered before making the final decision.
  • Measure available space: Make sure you accurately measure the available space so that the door can be fitted properly. The height and width of the door should also be measured to determine the exact size.
  • Look and feel of the bathroom: Glass shower doors can be found in various designs, colors and glass types. The style of the door you choose should complement the overall look of the bathroom. It should also match with the walls and other accessories in the bathroom.
  • Upkeep: There is a wide range of glass shower doors available these days. Sealed glass doors may retain moisture and require more cleaning while those with an open top offer proper ventilation.
  • Choose between framed and unframed door: Based on your preferences you can choose between framed and frameless glass shower doors. If you want a door that is light in weight, a framed door can be a good option. Unframed glass shower door can be installed for easy maintenance.
  • Professional assistance: You can seek professional assistance in choosing the perfect glass shower door for your bathroom. The technician will evaluate your requirements and help you in making the right choice.

We, at Triple Crown Glass & Mirror, provide a wide range of glass shower enclosures to the residents of Temple, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 931 – 7961.