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Benefits Of Glass Installation For Commercial Properties

Commercial as well as high-rise buildings look magnificent with the extensive use of glass. With its range of colors, effects and patterns, glass can entirely transform a work space. It not only adds to the aesthetics of a professional setting, but also requires very low maintenance.

Listed below are some of the benefits of installing glass in commercial properties:

Allows Natural Light To Enter
Glass allows a lot of light to pass through, be it artificial or natural. This characteristic makes it ideal to be used in glass windows and doors of offices as well as showrooms. Installing glass in your commercial property can also help to save on energy bills.

Durable And Easy To Clean
It neither rusts, nor is vulnerable to termites. This makes glass doors, windows and partitions last longer. It is a great option for commercial properties where frequent repairs and replacements are not feasible.

Can Be Patterned And Designed
Glass can be customized based on your preferences and budget. If you need a little privacy in your office, you can opt for a tinted glass door. In order to add a decorative feature, digital printing, etching and a variety of colors can be incorporated. For congested places, sliding glass doors may be installed. Fixed, hinged and folding glass doors are some other options available.

Types Of Glass Installations

Frameless Glass Doors
If you are planning to upgrade the entrance of your office or showroom, you can brighten the place using a glass door. These doors are strong as well as safe and can be customized according to your requirements. They are weather resistant and non-corrosive, hence can last for a long time.

All-Glass Entrance And Partition
To make the facility appear bigger, you can install an all-glass entrance. Additionally, a glass partition can lend a wholesome look to the area. These can be used to divide a larger portion into small compartments or to lend more privacy to the employees. It is easy to install and the height of the dividers can be comfortably altered.

Framed Glass Storefronts
Compared to other options of storefronts available, glass is the most appealing option. It adds a sense of style and visual appeal to the facility. It helps retailers to display the items to the people passing by and is an effortless way to draw more customers.

Glass Tabletops
Available in a variety of thicknesses, shapes, tints and edges, glass tabletops can be used in restaurants, offices etc. They are highly durable, easy to clean and elegant. These tables can create a space illusion and make a room appear larger.

Glass Shelving
Most showrooms require glass shelving for display purposes. The best feature about these shelves is that they help to attract a customer’s focus directly to the item on display. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes depending upon the space available. The thickness may depend upon the weight of the items to be displayed.

Glass Cabinets And Showcases
Glass cabinets look extremely sophisticated when placed in retail stores. They not only make it easier for customers to view the items on display, but also help to keep the items safe as well as dust free. These are commonly used in bakeries, jewelry or apparel shops and other such retail stores.

Glass Handrails
They are highly durable, easy to clean and maintain. Glass handrails can be installed to add a modern appearance to staircases as well as balconies. These can be custom made in a variety of textures, frames and colors.  They are widely used in hotels, restaurants, malls as well as multi-storey showrooms.

Glass can add shine and class to every space. The above mentioned options can help you to make the most suitable choice for your workplace.

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Signs You Need A Window Replacement

Windows play a vital role in improving ventilation and visual appeal of your home. Thus, it is imperative to inspect and maintain them at regular intervals. In case of a severe damage, you must replace the windows as soon as possible to avoid the risk of injuries and further damage.

Listed below are a few signs that indicate you need to replace your windows:

  • Condensation: In case of seal-failure, the empty space between the glass panes gets filled by the moisture, resulting in condensation. It requires immediate replacement to ensure safety as well as performance of the windows.
    Improper functioning: If there is difficulty in opening or closing the windows, due to daily wear and tear, debris built up, problem in the hinges or locks, misalignment etc., replacing them is a good option.
  • Exterior noise: If the windows are transmitting outdoor noise, it may be time to replace them. According to window specialists in Belton, windows must provide adequate protection against outside noise. Thus, it is better to replace such windows.
  • Cracks or broken glass:  Your windows may form cracks due to harsh weather conditions, rotted wood, aging etc. You also need to replace your window if its glass is broken. The glass can break due to thermal stress, hail, storms etc. Make sure you replace the windows quickly as it may even cause injuries.
  • Decay around the window frames: If your window frames show any signs of decay, it is high time to replace the windows. Water stains and chipped off paint can be the reason behind this damage.
  • Rising energy bills: If your windows fails to provide proper insulation, it can result in higher energy bills.  Replacing them can help you to cut down on your energy costs.
  • Air leaks: Extreme temperatures may cause expansion and contraction of the windows which can create air gaps between them. This can lead to air leaks and ultimately result in window damage.
    You can even seek professional assistance to get your windows replaced. The technicians will identify the extent of damage and replace the windows.

We, at Triple Crown & Glass Mirror, offer comprehensive window replacement services in Belton, TX. For more information you can call at (254) 931 – 7961 or visit 2020 S IH 35, Belton, Texas 76513.