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Signs That Your Glass Shower Enclosure Needs Repair

A glass shower enclosure is the preferred choice of most people who want to remodel their bathrooms.  These enclosures are not only trendy but also give your bathroom a modern look. However, excessive wear and tear or low maintenance may affect their quality. In order to prolong the life of your glass enclosures, you must mend them whenever needed.

Mentioned below are some signs that your glass shower enclosure requires immediate repair.

Sliding doors move out of the track – The shower enclosures with sliding doors not only look trendy but also saves a lot of space in the bathroom. With usage, these doors lose their lubrication and hence show difficulty while sliding. When neglected, the doors tend to move off the track and do not close, which may leave the bathroom wet and moist. To fix this problem you must consider contacting the professionals.

Some doors refuse to shut – Excessive use may loosen the hinges and screws, which often fallout from the door. These fitting problems slacken the door and disrupt its functioning. Users often think that shutting the door with force may solve their problem but, that never happens. The condition may get worsened if the glass breaks, thus it is important to take the help of technicians and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Cracks and Scratches – A sudden blow from a hard object or exposure to excessive temperature can lead to a crack in your glass shower enclosure. A minor scratch caused by the contact of a sharp object may also grow into a deep fissure at a later stage, ruining the prettiness of your shower enclosures. Therefore, it is recommended that you must get the cracks and scratches treated immediately.

Leaking doors – Sometimes improper installation of the glasses in the shower enclosures may lead to minor leakage issues in the doors. Spaces may get created between the fittings, which may not allow the glass to seal properly, causing the water to flow out of the door. This matter must be addressed to the professionals on priority so that they can repair the protective sealant of your glass.

Rusted hardware – With frequent contact with water, the metal elements used to fix and fit the shower enclosure may get rusted. These corroded fixtures lead to malfunctioning of the door and do not let them open or shut properly. The faulty shower enclosure provides no benefit and leaves the bathroom wet and damp. Make sure that all the door joints are in proper condition. In case you witness rusted elements, get them replaced by the experts. It would be a wise idea to use the fixtures made up of stainless steel which do not corrode soon.

Discoloration- The bathroom offers most favorable conditions for the molds to grow over the glass door surfaces which may cause discoloration of the doors. Other major reasons include accumulation of dust, water and soap buildup. As a result, the doors tend to lose their shine and luster with time.  Discoloration may also occur due to improper installation, which doesn’t allow the glass to seal properly. While there are cleaning agents that can fix this problem, in order to get back the shiny appearance of your shower enclosures you must take the help from experts. They use the right tools and techniques to clean up the glass surfaces and extract the accumulated dirt and soap buildups.

We, at Triple Crown Glass & Mirror, offer glass shower enclosure repair services in Belton, TX. The technicians also have extensive experience in installing all types of shower enclosures. For more information, you can call at (254) 931 – 7961 or visit 2020 S IH 35, Belton, TX 76513.

Glass Shower Enclosures In Belton, TX

Glass shower enclosures can add significant style and modernistic look to any bathroom. However, one needs to choose a glass shower enclosure that goes well with the décor of the bathroom and perfectly serves the purpose. It should not only look elegant but also be leak-proof and made of high quality material.

If you are planning to buy a glass shower enclosure in Belton, TX, make sure you choose a company that has expert technicians and offers the best after-sales service as well. Below is a list of factors that you need to consider when choosing a glass shower enclosure for your bathroom:

  • Functionality: Narrow down your choices  based on the locGlass Shower Enclosures Beltonation of shower or bathtub, the material used in the walls and if they can bear the weight of the glass. You should also measure the space available in the bathroom so that the shower enclosure can be flawlessly installed.
  • Choose the right style: You have the option to choose between a framed, semi-frameless and a frameless glass shower enclosure. A framed enclosure is quite cost-effective and robust. On the other hand, a frameless shower enclosure has only hinges and metal clips to provide support to the panels. Though slightly expensive than the frameless enclosures, these are opted by most homeowners in Belton.  You can also go for a semi-frameless shower enclosure that has almost no frame on the door. These enclosures are quite sleek in appearance, water tight and can be easily cleaned. The minimal frame in the door helps to provide the required support to the glass.
  • Decide the type of glass: You can choose from a wide array of glasses such as frosted, textured, opaque etc. to give a unique look to the shower enclosure. Make sure you go for a treated glass as it comes with a permanent protective layer that increases its durability by preventing discoloration due to hard water.
  • Select door hinges: The door hinges for your shower enclosure should be selected based on the available space, affordability and appearance that you want. You can take your pick from sliding, hinge and pivot doors. While hinge doors are a popular choice, pivot-type doors provide a contemporary and sleek look to your bathroom without the use of traditional hinges.

Paying attention to all these aspects will help you in choosing an extremely functional glass shower enclosure. Contact Triple Crown Glass & Mirror for high quality glass shower enclosures in Belton, TX. Call at (254) 931 – 7961 or visit 2020 S IH 35, Belton, Texas 76513 for details about the services offered.