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Causes Of Cracked Or Broken Windows

Cracking and breaking of windows is inevitable. They can crack due to a number of stressors or impacts. The sooner a cracked or broken window is fixed, the better it is. However, at the initial stage of buying a glass, it is advisable to consult a professional and opt for a glass of great strength that can resist environmental and other stressors better as well as last for a longer period of time.

Let’s take a look at some major causes of cracks and broken windows and how to rectify them.

Thermal Stress
Thermal stress causes a window to crack due to high temperature variations inside and outside the building. It can instigate when the temperature is very warm indoors and extremely chilling outdoors or vice-versa. Extreme differences in temperature can cause the window glass to expand and contract making it more susceptible to cracks.

The best possible solution is to opt for a thicker pane of glass giving due importance to edges, frame and position of the windows.  Also, always be gentle with them. This little hack will prolong the life of your window. However, if there’s already an unsightly crack looking at you in the face and leaking your precious energy, the only solution is to get it fixed immediately by an expert. You will need to consult a professional glass company for replacing the window glass.

Impact Breaks
As the name suggests, impact break is caused by a powerful high velocity impact on the glass. We’ve all experienced a neighbor’s ball thudding against our windows. If the impact is great, the window shatters. An impact break is usually characterized by a starburst pattern.

You can’t get rid of the factors that cause impact breakage, but you can definitely get a stronger new window fixed by a glass company. It’s very important to get an impact breakage fixed immediately to avoid injury and energy leaks.

Pressure Cracks
These cracks are caused by pressure variations that are either too high or low. They are characterized by a single crack across the window. Immediate measures should be taken to fix pressure cracks. If ignored, a single crack can cause the whole window to collapse suddenly which can be injurious to anyone around.

It is necessary to consult a certified professional to assess the type of damage and its cause thoroughly. It’s better to spend a little extra on new and stronger glass than bear expenses in the form of energy leaks and frequent replacements.

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Questions To Ask When Installing New Windows

The quality of windows installed in your home has a great impact on the interior temperature and utility bills. Correctly installed windows can keep your home cooler in summer months by preventing the loss of cool air. On the other hand, they also keep your home warm during the winter season and prevent the outside cold air from entering inside. Therefore, always choose windows that maintain an even temperature inside your property and cause minimum or zero energy loss.

Below is a list of certain questions that you need to ask when installing new windows:

What products you use in window manufacturing?

The market is currently flooded with latest technology that makes the windows thermally more efficient and durable. You about the technology used in making the windows. Conduct a thorough research before arriving at a particular conclusion.

Are the windows energy efficient?

ENERGY STAR windows are the best in terms of energy savings and can significantly cut down your utility bills. ENERGY STAR is the trusted symbol for energy efficiency that protects the environment from the harmful effects of pollution.

What is the type of glass used?

Most of the latest windows come equipped with double-pane glass. However, you can opt for additional features such as: a low E-coating and argon gas between the window panes. This glass comes in two types wherein one is made for cold climates and the other is designed to be compatible with warmer climates. You need to choose according to the weather in your city.

How will you install the windows?

The windows need to be installed properly so that they save energy in the most efficient manner. Ask the technician about the complete process of installing the windows. It is necessary to have an experienced company for providing high-quality window installation in your home otherwise the advantages will be lost.

What is the level of after-service?

You should ask if the spare parts of your new windows will be easily available in the market. Also confirm if the weather-stripping can be replaced once it wears out. In case of glass breakage or fog, what will be the replacement cost? Only after getting a satisfactory answer to these questions, should you get new window installations.

Can I have customized windows?

A window installation company should give you the choice of having customized windows for your home. So, you need to ask this question beforehand if you want to get personalized windows in bespoke shapes and sizes. You can also take your choose from various colors to add to the curb appeal and overall architecture of your home.

What are the warranties?

Always ask for warranties on the new window installations that you will be getting. Ideally, you should look to have a warranty that provides glass replacement coverage for up to 20 years.

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Glass Window & Door Maintenance Tips

With temperatures already begun to drop in Killeen, TX, you may be looking for ways to keep your home warm during the winter season. However, if you have glass windows and doors, they may call for some extra effort from your side so that you are able to maintain a consistent temperature inside the home.

Condensation On Inside Of The Glass

The windows and doors are generally the coolest part of your home and when the warm air from inside comes in contact with the freezing glass surface, it leads to the formation of condensation. Windows near the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen are most likely to have condensation on their glass. Though it does not indicate damage to the glass, it is important to wipe them regularly in order to avoid any sort of damage to the frame.

 Moisture Between The Layers Of Glass

If you observe fogging or moisture trapped between the layers of the glass, it may be indicative of a broken window seal. This implies that, the seal that binds the glass layers together is not air-tight which is causing the moisture to enter inside. The windows and doors may also become unable to maintain the indoor temperature of the home. In such situations, you may need to opt for complete window or glass replacement services.

Ice On The Window Glass

Icy windows and doors is another common problem faced by most homeowners in Killeen. Moreover, if you have single pane doors or windows, there are higher chances of ice formation due to the lack of an insulating barrier between the interior and exterior of the home. Double pane windows may form ice as a result of glass seal failure or the presence of too many drafts. Window replacement is generally the most viable solution in such cases.

Tips To Keep Your Glass Doors & Windows Maintained

Wash The Windows
Though many people are reluctant to wash their glass windows and doors during the winters, this is the most crucial step in keeping them properly maintained. In the absence of regular cleaning, dirt and debris may accumulate over time, leading to scratches on the glass. It may also loosen the seal of the glass with the frame.

To wash your glass windows and doors, you can take a soap solution to extract the dirt. Avoid cleaning glass when it is directly exposed to sunlight as this will quickly dry out the foam and form smudges on the window/door. Once you have washed the glass, remove all the cleaning solution. Wipe the excess water and remove smudges with a soft lint free cloth.

Inspect The Windows Frequently
Ideally, you should inspect your glass windows and doors quite often, it is specifically important to be done before the start of the winter season. Carefully check for any broken seals, cracks or gaps between the glass and window frame. Open and close the window/door to check if there is any problem in its functioning. The locks should also be working properly.

Stop Any Airflow
Drafty windows is another problem that most people face during the winter season. You should get the window replaced to eliminate the drafts. However, if it is not a major problem, there are certain steps you need to take to keep your home properly insulated. Caulking or weather stripping is a quick fix to drafty windows. You can also consider covering the window/door with a plastic sheet or film strip.

Prevent Condensation
Hanging a thick layer of curtains can minimize the loss of heat from the home. They will also help to absorb the moisture and prevent the formation of condensation on the glass doors or windows. Open the windows during day time to let the sunlight enter and reduce the humidity level inside the home. All vents should be working properly and fireplace dampers should be opened to provide an escape for the excess moisture.

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Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Windows

With the fall season just around the corner, now is the best time to inspect your windows and prepare them for the colder months ahead. Regular maintenance will help to extend the lifespan of your windows and avoid any unexpected replacement costs. Temperature fluctuations, dust as well as debris can take a toll on your windows, causing it to wear and tear much quickly. By following some simple maintenance tips, you can protect your windows against these harsh elements and enhance the look of your home.

Given below are some steps you need to take in order to extend the life of your windows:

Conduct A Routine Inspection

As a part of your regular home care routine, you must also inspect the windows to identify any signs of damage. Check for any rotten wood, rusted metal, moisture between the panes etc. Open and close the window to ascertain that all the moving parts are working correctly. Any mechanical problem may indicate that a part has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Clean Your Windows

Though cleaning the windows helps to improve the overall look and visibility of the glass, it is also important for proper maintenance. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean the window glass, frame, casing as well as other parts to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. If you have wooden windows, wipe them off using a damp cloth. Avoid using too much water as it may lead to rotting of the wood. Aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl windows should be cleaned with a mild detergent solution.


Weather-stripping procedures are helpful in preventing loss of warm air in winters as well as keeping your home during summers. This, in turn, increases the energy efficiency of your home and lowers your electricity bills. Window sealants also protect against water leakage and mold growth. Gaps around the window seals must be repaired timely to avoid air and water leaks. It will also increase the durability of your windows by tightly keeping them in place.


Wooden and metal windows should be repainted after every few years. However, the frequency of repainting may depend upon the local weather and the current condition of your windows. Repainting will protect them against dirt, dust, rust and rot. Make sure you do not paint over the moving parts of the window as it may cause them to get jammed.

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