Tips To Keep Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

Having a glass shower door can completely transform the look of your bathroom. However, it can easily accumulate dirt and grime. It is essential to clean the glass shower door regularly to avoid dust-buildup and make it look new.

Glass shower doors are available in a wide range of options. Frameless enclosures are easier to clean as compared to framed ones. You must choose a suitable glass shower doors according to your requirements.

Here are a few tips which can help to keep your glass shower enclosures clean.

Keep The Glass Dry

It is important to squeegee down the glass door after every shower. It will keep the glass dry and prevent settling of the water droplets. The water comprises of certain minerals which get deposited on the glass, making it hard to clean them. Thus, wiping off the glass shower door with the help of a sponge will keep it spotless and clean.

Make Use Of Commercial Cleaners

There are a number of cleaning products available these days. Make sure you choose the one that does not have harmful chemicals. You should spray the cleaner on the glass and wipe it off. This will remove stubborn stains, smudges and dirt from the door. However, you must go through the instructions mentioned on the label to ensure thorough cleaning.

Home Remedies Can Be Helpful

Certain home remedies can be followed to keep your shower doors clean. You can mix one part vinegar with four parts water to form a solution. Spray this mixture on the glass shower enclosures to remove all stains, dirt and grime. Bleach can also be an effective method to clean the glass door and prevent the growth of mold or mildew. Make sure you apply these mixtures once in a week for best results.

You can use a paste of baking soda as well as water to remove stains and clean your glass shower door. It will help to deodorize your bathroom. A mixture of lemon juice and salt can also be beneficial to clean the rust. You can scrape off the corners of the metal frame with the help of a toothbrush. Let the mixture settle before rinsing it with warm water.

Proper Ventilation Is Important

To ensure adequate ventilation in the bathroom, you can open the door and turn on the fan. It will fasten the drying process and avoid water stains. This will also help to maintain your health while keeping infections at bay.

Fabric Softener Sheet Should Be Used

Fabric softener sheets help to break up the stains on the glass shower doors.  You just need to use one sheet to wipe off the water droplets and stains, leaving the door completely clean and dry. This is an easy way to maintain your shower enclosure in an efficient manner.

Don’t Use Cotton Rags Or Paper Towels

Use microfiber cloth instead of cotton rags and the paper towels. When you clean the glass, the synthetic fibers in the cloth rub together. This creates a static charge between them which helps to attract dust and dirt. Also microfibers do not cause any scratch or mark on the glass as compared to cotton rags and towels.

Apply A Protector

To prolong the life of the glass, you can apply a protector. It is a cost effective alternative and acts as a long term solution to maintain your glass shower enclosure. A protector can help to remove the hard stains and restore the shine of the glass.

Glass shower enclosures can be a good option to improve the visual appearance of your home. They can also help to provide a spacious look to your bathroom. However, cleaning glass shower enclosures are important. With the above mentioned tips, you will be able to keep your glass shower doors stain-free. You can even hire professional services to keep your glass shower doors spick and span.

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