Why Install Double Pane Windows

In simple terms, double pane windows have two panes of glass welded into a frame parallel to each other. The panes are then set into a frame just like normal windows. Double-pane windows are beneficial as they add to a home’s value and save energy as well as money.

Below is a list of certain benefits of installing double pane windows:

  • Superior insulation: Double pane windows offer superior insulation to home by keeping it warm during winters and cool in the hot summer season. Proper insulation is directly equivalent to high energy efficiency that also results in lowering of electricity bills. Your heating and cooling systems do not have to work very hard, which is an added benefit.
  • Helps in saving money: Since double pane windows are highly energy-efficient, they can reduce energy usage to a great extent. You have the options of installing clear glass, double-pane vinyl or wood-framed windows and see a drop in your electricity bills.
  • Keeps away outside noise: Double pane windows can add to your privacy by keeping away outside noise. Since there is an extra layer of glass in the window, you cannot hear any sounds coming from outside. This helps in promoting a comfortable ambience inside your home.
  • Less window condensation: Single pane windows cause inefficient transfer of heat in your home because of the heavy condensation that occurs during the cold winter months. By installing double pane windows in your home, you will notice minimal window condensation. This assists in maintaining a constant temperature inside the home.
  • Benefits the environment: Apart from providing the benefit of saving money, double pane windows also safeguard our environment. You burn less fossil fuel and also create less greenhouse gas emissions. This is a good thing for our planet that can be of great help in the coming years.
  • Better wind resistance: During the winter months, cold winds can enter inside your home causing the temperatures to drop further. However, installing double pane windows can help you get rid of this problem as they offer much better wind resistance as compared to the other types of panes.
  • Less chances of getting damaged: The double pane windows are solid as they are made by joining two panes of glass. Therefore, there is a lesser chance that external factors such as a heavy windstorm or a flying object damage them.

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